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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
22/23 TIMS Data Manager Clerk IV 20418610/06/2022Classified HS204 TransportationApply
22/23 Custodian I (12 month)/ ESSER Funded 23103210/06/2022Classified231 Custodial ServiceApply
22/23 Art Teacher 36901010/06/2022Licensed369 John Griffin MiddleApply
22/23 SY 8/ELA Teacher 38304210/06/2022Licensed383 Mac Williams MiddleApply
22/23 Computer Lab Assistant 36502010/06/2022Classified - TS365 R. Max Abbott MiddleApply
22/23 SY MU/EC Teacher Assistant 42611810/06/2022Classified - TS426 Sherwood Park ElementaryApply
22/23 Nurse-LPN, 100% 23802810/06/2022Classified - TS238 Health ServicesApply
22/23 Exceptional Children Multiple Disabilities Teacher 42611910/06/2022Licensed426 Sherwood Park ElementaryApply
22-23 SED Teacher 100% 38806210/06/2022Licensed388 Massey Hill Classical HighApply
22/23 Business Education Teacher 42432010/05/2022Licensed424 Seventy-First HighApply
22/23 Custodian I (Interim, 12 month) 44815210/05/2022Classified448 Vanstory Hills ElementaryApply
22/23 Physical Education Teacher 32109310/05/2022Licensed321 Douglas Byrd MiddleApply
22/23 Parent Facilitator (2 hrs/day) 41103510/05/2022Classified HS411 Reid Ross High SchoolApply
22-23 Medicine Clerk 32122010/05/2022Classified321 Douglas Byrd MiddleApply
22/23 SY Clerk II 321083 50%10/05/2022Classified HS321 Douglas Byrd MiddleApply
22/23 SY Teacher Assistant 85% 39816910/04/2022Classified - TS398 E.E. Miller ElementaryApply
22/23 Autism Teacher 37520110/04/2022Licensed375 Gray's Creek ElementaryApply
22/23 SY Custodian I (10 month) 50% 33803910/04/2022Classified338 Cliffdale ElementaryApply
22/23 High School English Teacher 41105710/04/2022Licensed411 Reid Ross High SchoolApply
22/23 3rd Grade Teacher 45010610/04/2022Licensed450 Warrenwood ElementaryApply
22/23 Individual Schools Account Specialist/ ESSER Grant Funded 201049/20115010/03/2022Classified - Key201 FinanceApply
22/23 Physical Education Teacher 40618010/03/2022Licensed406 Pine Forest MiddleApply
22/23 4th Grade Teacher 34208310/03/2022Licensed342 C. Wayne Collier ElementaryApply
22/23 CTE Business Teacher 35815910/03/2022Licensed358 Luther Nick Jeralds MiddleApply
22/23 Serious Emotionally Disabled Teacher-Exceptional Children 45201510/01/2022Licensed452 Westarea ElementaryApply
22/23 Third Grade 45211810/01/2022Licensed452 Westarea ElementaryApply
22/23 School Social Worker 100% (ESSER-Funded Paired w/Warrenwood) 45203310/01/2022Licensed452 Westarea ElementaryApply
22/23 Custodian I (12 month) 30603509/29/2022Classified306 Armstrong ElementaryApply
22/23 Sign Support Assistant 32500109/29/2022Classified - TS325 Cape Fear HighApply
22/23 SY CTE (Business) Teacher 37202309/29/2022Licensed372 Lewis Chapel MiddleApply
22/23 SY CTE (Business) Teacher 37202309/29/2022Licensed372 Lewis Chapel MiddleApply
22/23 SY Teacher Assistant 38608909/29/2022Classified - TS386 Margaret Willis ElementaryApply
22/23 Band Teacher 42807909/28/2022Licensed428 Spring Lake MiddleApply
22/23 Support Assistant (100%) 32122609/28/2022Classified - TS321 Douglas Byrd MiddleApply
22/23 Art Teacher 35914109/28/2022Licensed359 E.E. Smith HighApply
22/23 8th Social Studies Math Teacher 36519009/28/2022Licensed365 R. Max Abbott MiddleApply
22/23 SY Teacher Assistant 33819009/28/2022Classified - TS338 Cliffdale ElementaryApply
22/23 Physical Education Teacher 41701609/27/2022Licensed417 New Century International MiddleApply
22/23 SY Kindergarten Teacher 39601809/27/2022Licensed396 Mary McArthur ElementaryApply
22/23 Science Teacher 40822609/27/2022Licensed408 Pine Forest HighApply
22/23 SY 1st Grade Teacher 30211709/27/2022Licensed302 Alma Easom ElementaryApply
22/23 Clerk II, 100% 42419809/26/2022Classified HS424 Seventy-First HighApply
22/23 Clerk II 32019109/26/2022Classified HS320 Brentwood ElementaryApply
22/23 Clerk II 40711209/26/2022Classified HS407 Lake Rim ElementaryApply
22/23 Kindergarten Teacher 34216109/26/2022Licensed342 C. Wayne Collier ElementaryApply
22/23 Teacher Assistant 30613109/26/2022Classified - TS306 Armstrong ElementaryApply
22/23 Music Teacher 40706609/26/2022Licensed407 Lake Rim ElementaryApply
22/23 SY Clerk II 42501909/26/2022Classified HS425 South View MiddleApply
22/23 Instructional Coach (Certified) 40634009/26/2022Licensed406 Pine Forest MiddleApply
22/23 Custodian I (10 month) 36% 41002909/26/2022Classified410 Ponderosa ElementaryApply