TITLE:                                      School Bus Driver/Safety Assistant                         


FLSA STATUS:                        Non-Exempt                                        



Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age with at least six (6) months driving experience.  Valid North Carolina driver’s license certified by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles required.






Maintains proficiency in driving skills.


Completes all reports related to transportation.


Ensures safety and care of students boarding, riding, and departing the school bus.


Maintains a high standard of student conduct at all times.


Reports infractions of school bus safety rules to the Principal.


Complies with standards of bus cleanliness.


Obeys all state and local traffic laws.


Completes the pre-trip inspection before starting the bus route.


Parks bus in a safe and secure location.


Attends bus safety meetings.


Complies with the transportation safety standards set by the State of North Carolina and Cumberland County Schools.


Complies with the Federal Department of Transportation’s drug testing regulations.


Attends and successfully completes all training activities as required to improve ability and knowledge in performance of work duties.


Serves as team player and role model for other employees in the organization; demonstrates a commitment to continuous quality improvement; supports and exhibits organizational core values of caring, respect, integrity, responsibility, high expectations, being customer driven, and valuing diversity.


Performs other duties and accepts responsibilities as assigned.




Must be able-bodied, free of physical handicaps, in good physical condition and be able to lift at least twenty (20) pounds.




Possession of valid NC Commercial License with a “P” and “S” endorsement. Possession of Cumberland County bus driver pocket card. Must have current health certificate.